PIDP Program

With course 3260 Professional Practice winding down I am writing about my journey so far through the PIDP program. This program should really be a mandatory requirement for teaching adults in this province. I initially started taking it at the request of the institution I instruct at, but soon could see the value in this program. It has helped me become a more confided, organized instructor. For me some of the highlights were 3210 Curriculum Development and 3230 Evaluation of learning and 3260 Professional practice. In 3210 I learned the importance of have course outcomes and goal,lesson plans and about alignment. In 3230 I seen how necessary it is to use best practices in writing items for assessment and the importance of having evaluation and assessment. I my current course 3260 I have learnt some new digital techniques using this blog and making a digital project.

I have already started to implement some of the techniques I have learned though this program into my courses. I have start writing some test as evaluation in courses that don’t have any currently, started making lesson plans for all our course to make it easier for all staff, and relooking at course outcomes and goals and making sure our curriculum is in alignment with them. Another project I have started is to rewrite our course surveys to help us gather better more useful data about our instruction.

I was sort of the test subject for taking this program, but I have advised our board of directors that all of our part time instructors should at least take the required courses to get the train the trainer certificate from VCC, but ultimately get Their Provincial Instructors Diploma.

Here is a link to my Digital Infographic project: 

First course done

Well the first course was done on Friday and it went really well. Timeline was great, students were successful in passing the certification exam and we’re pleased with resource material. Needs a little bit of adjustment in the labs, mostly due to it being a new space. But overall a success. Next one in two weeks and filled up in 50 mins of being announced!!!

A bit more work than originally thought.

As mentioned In the previous post, I’ve been working on a new curriculum for a course we are offering this fall. The hands on projects were pretty straight forward to design. However when it came to the theory its proven to be a bit more challenging. The material is all there its just a matter of trying to make it interesting enough to keep the students awake till the labs start. Time to start reviewing some student engagement techniques I think.

A new school year, a new course.

Well its back to school time for most instructors. For some its just a continuation of the summer semester. Unfortunately my semester doesn’t start for a few more weeks, so I’m excited to be starting curriculum development of a new course were offering this fall.

Designing courses in the past have always been a very time consuming process for me with lots of trial and error. Thanks to the Provincial Instructors program the process this time has been extremely  smooth and straight forward. I started with setting goals and outcomes, a brain storming session with the other instructors involved with the course, and now were starting to work on lesson plans. One of the instructors was commenting on how easy I’m making it look and how organized I am with this course development. My response was simply its because of the PIDP that I can now develop a course without pulling out the last of my hair. He is now checking to see when he will be able to start taking courses. Kudos to all the PIDP instructors that are making my new school year fun and exciting!!!


Hello, I’m writing this blog as part of the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program. I have been in the program since June 2016. I have completed 5 courses with 2 left to go, 3260 Professional Practice and 3240 Media Enhanced Learning. I am a Broadband Network Journeyman and the President and an part-time Instructor at Netcom Vocational training association. I’m taking the program to hopefully make Instruction my full time job.